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Dominica pronounced "Dom i nee ka" is an independent, once a British Colony. This island lies between the large French Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinque.


We are delighted that you are considering Dominica as your next destination.We will give you the highest degree of service to ensure your visit is safe and enjoyable.


Language: English, Creole 

Capital:Roseau pronounced Ro Zo

Size:750 km2 (184th)/290 sq mi

Currency:Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD/EC)

Driving: Left Side

Rental Cars:area available but you need a local license , which cost EC$30.00



For more information on Dominica, visit


Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services (PAYS) is a non-profit organization  that provides security and yacht services to boat cruisers anchored in Prince Rupert’s Bay.



Each member will give the same degree of professional service and will assist you in customizing a tour  per your request.





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